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Tropico 6: Best Tips To Earn Money Fast | Game Rant

Game Rant 31 Jul 2021
Once players get to the Modern era, Speedway works as the vehicle equivalent to Advanced Boat Services.Tax Haven�increases the efficiencies of offices, both in Tropico and offshore.Caribbean Trade Pact creates more trade routes with minor countries.Players can cut down the costs ...

Levine: Offshore billionaires launch into space

Times Free Press 23 Jul 2021
I'm particularly interested in the offshore world, especially the involvement of small islands that have learned the economic joys of functioning as tax havens. Growing up in Bermuda, I watched, rather unhappily, the tax haven economy develop ... But Branson, a British citizen, lives on his own island tax haven in the Caribbean.

Haiti can rebuild its economy. Here's how.

The Philadelphia Tribune 20 Jul 2021
Finally, Haiti could consider becoming a tax haven. Many small Caribbean islands such as Bermuda and the Caymans have succeeded in getting foreign companies to put offices there, or buy local real estate, by offering extremely low corporate tax rates ... Tourism, agricultural productivity, and tax haven status are modest initiatives.

JOHN HUMPHRYS: How dare billionaires blast off on space jaunts while Planet Earth faces a ...

The Daily Mail 16 Jul 2021
Going anywhere fancy for your holidays, are you? Maybe you’re one of those who’ve given up in despair and you’re dusting off the deckchairs, hoping the sun shines ... There’s one slight snag. Bezos is the richest man in the world, Musk isn’t far behind him and Branson has the odd billion stashed away on his very own tax haven island in the Caribbean ... .

Biden's tax plans risk bursting Ireland's bubble

Yahoo Daily News 13 Jul 2021
... with the impact its tax haven status has on the rest of the world ... This led to companies being established in zero-tax havens (typically Bermuda, although several Caribbean islands also fitted the bill), basing their operations in Ireland, and as a result not incurring any tax.

Cayman FPIs raise stakes  in  Indian companies

Live Mint 11 Jul 2021
Foreign portfolio investments (FPI) routed through the Cayman Islands nearly quadrupled in the past four years, making the Caribbean jurisdiction India’s second-largest source of FPI after Mauritius among tax havens.

Cayman  FPIs  increase stakes  in  Indian  firms

Hindustan Times 11 Jul 2021
PUBLISHED ON JUL 11, 2021 11.45 PM IST. Foreign portfolio investments (FPI) routed through the Cayman Islands nearly quadrupled in the past four years, making the Caribbean tax haven India’s second-largest source of FPI after Mauritius ... The data covers only those companies where an individual FPI holds over more than 1% ... ....

Give me a crash course in . . . Ireland holding out on the OECD tax deal

The Irish Times 10 Jul 2021
So, there is a deal on taxing big multinationals but we haven’t signed up? ... And the other hold-outs are not exactly giants of international commerce – including, among others, Estonia and Hungary and a couple of Caribbean tax havens ... internationally as a tax haven for big business.

Clash of two planet-sized egos: Tomorrow Richard Branson is set to soar into the heavens ...

The Daily Mail 09 Jul 2021
Representing Great Britain, by way of the Caribbean tax haven where he officially resides, is bearded serial entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson ... Another is that he's a man with a gift for self-promotion who owes a good chunk of his £3.5billion personal fortune to luck and clever tax lawyers.

Cliff Taylor: Three reasons why the big global corporate tax deal could still fall apart

The Irish Times 08 Jul 2021
Talks on a major shake-up of the global corporate tax regime got a big boost last week when 130 of 139 countries in OECD talks signed up to the outline terms of the deal ... Ireland sits uncomfortably in a small group of “hold-outs” including, amongst others, Estonia and Hungary and two Caribbean tax havens ... The tax world is about to change.

AAA Associates: “A second passport through citizenship by investment provides a pathway to global business opportunities”

Gulf News 07 Jul 2021
What are the advantages of second citizenship in the Caribbean region?. Visa-free access tops the list when it comes to advantages for the second citizenship in the Caribbean countries ... second passport of the Caribbean region. These islands are popularly known as tax-free havens.

Donohoe keeping close eye on US as he stages last-ditch corporation tax battle

The Irish Times 03 Jul 2021
Paschal Donohoe’s refusal to back an outline OECD agreement on corporate tax has left the Minister for Finance in peculiar company. The eight other dissenters include Caribbean tax havens Barbados and St Vincent and the Grenadines ... The push for a global 15 per cent corporate tax rate is gaining momentum.

Hard to see Ireland staying out of OECD corporate tax deal if US signs up

The Irish Times 01 Jul 2021
The Minister said that Ireland “broadly supported” the package, but did not sign up “today”, largely due to reservations about the proposal to impose a minimum tax rate of 15 per cent for major companies ... The group of nine includes just two other European Union countriesEstonia and Hungary – and a couple of Caribbean tax havens, among others.